A valuable change, a vision to help, and a ongoing local service. We are starting our humble beginnings, on a mission to tackle any project that adds value to your home. We are deciding meaningful outcomes for our future by engaging with a business that requires hardworking, ethical, and driven practices. Simply put, we are all about transparency.  With in a few years time, we will be a large group of skilled overall general contracting professionals.

Our Story

      Sam Spazk began his journey when realizing college was not leading to anything he could see himself doing afterwords. A beginning to the end of his days at University of Montana, by choice moved back to move back to Washington. He decided Trade was the route for him and enrolled in Commercial Electrician Apprenticeship Program. Within the year started picking up jobs with commercial businesses. The moment he realized that he could do a job on his own instead of work as an employee was the shift that made him venture into full time business ownership. Starting from Craigslist ads doing odd jobs to getting a business license, and insurance to tackle big projects. After hearing from a friend about marketing through Thumbtack his business took off running. The growth brought new responsibility and cleared a path to expand. Since then he has been picking up  a large inventory knowledge in this Trade.